Wypo, Best Digital Mortgage Solution Award 2023
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Wypo, Best Digital Mortgage Solution Award 2023

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The CEO of Wypo, Elena Ansótegui, received the Best Digital Mortgage Solution Award 2023 on Thursday at the VII edition of the Technology and Innovation Awards from the La Razón newspaper. This award recognizes Wypo for its technology and contribution to the user experience when connecting them with banks to find the best mortgage.

The Technology and Innovation Awards edition of La Razón took place in Madrid with the presence of the CEO and Director of the newspaper, Andrés Navarro and Francisco Marhuenda, as well as the Digitalization Advisor of the Community of Madrid, Miguel López-Valverde. 

The event, also attended by Mr. Álvaro Villa, CEO of the PITMA Group, which Wypo is a part of, brought together hundreds of attendees, including the twenty award winners in different categories, all of them recognized leaders in the field of technology and innovation. 

During the award ceremony, the CEO of Wypo emphasized that, in addition to direct connection between banks and users, «it is a tool designed to democratize banking processes, making it accessible and transparent. We are a digital meeting place between users and banks, with the participation of other Real Estate actors.» 

Ansotegui also highlighted that Wypo is an «idea entirely based on a personal experience, so each process related to the application has been developed with the users in mind and the significant advantages it could bring to them.» Elena emphasized, «Behind every window, in each home and flat, there is a mortgage that can be improved. Banks are in that phase, and our technological contribution allows us to affirm that the era of mortgage portability has arrived.» 

The Technology and Innovation Awards organized by La Razón aim to recognize the essential role of companies that are an integral part of so-called digital economy, which has become one of the engines of the national Gross Domestic Product and a generator of high-value jobs. 

The connection between the digital industry, innovation, and employment has permeated much of the speakers’ interventions. In this sense, the CEO of Wypo pointed out that it is «a project 100% conceived and developed by people integrated into the PITMA Group, who, through talent, creativity, and a lot of effort, have launched a solid project with a promising future.» 

Also present at the awards ceremony were the Marketing Director of Wypo, Alicia González, and the director of CSR and Institutional Relations of the PITMA group, M Eugenia Cuenca-Romero.