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Wypo Code of Conduct

Principles that govern the conduct of all our employees

A corporate culture based on effort, commitment, perseverance in the search for excellence, results orientation and strict ethical principles is the essential basis for a profitable and sustainable business model in the long term. At WYPO we exercise our profession by remaining faithful to these principles, transmitting them and ensuring their compliance is one of our objectives.

We are very aware of the importance of transmitting this culture to the entire Organization and making it easily identifiable and generating value for all our clients, professionals, collaborators and society as a whole. Our Code of Conduct is a statement of our ethical principles. For this reason, we require that each professional embody these principles in the performance of their activity and, by complying with them, we will continue to guarantee our business model.

Ethical principles of the code of conduct

Our ethical principles are the foundation on which the group is based. Integrity and honesty, commitment, professionalism, emphasis on people, confidentiality and responsibility to society are essential values that are part of our business culture.

Ethical channel

At WYPO, we work to fairly address issues and concerns related to ethics and integrity. For this reason, we make available to clients, candidates, professionals, suppliers and any other party with whom we maintain a business relationship, a channel to report conduct that may be considered irregular, unethical, illegal or inappropriate, and that is related to the development of the activity in WYPO.

To report irregular conduct related to the company, access the ethical channel form.

For more information about the ethics channel, click here.