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Mortgages for Non-Residents in Spain

What is the process like?


Simulate your mortgage in Spain for free and without registration

Get personalized information about your financing possibilities and expenses (Spanish taxes and fees, Notary...).


Get a free formal pre-approval

Provide the documentation that Spanish banks need to study your situation and provide you with a formal pre-approval.


Advance in the process by choosing your path

FREE RIDE,on your own and you can hire certain services or CALM&SUN, no worries and everything under control for a fixed amount.


Get the best mortgage for your home in Spain

Receive formal and personalized offers from Spanish banks and choose the best one to take up residence in Spain.

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Once you know the viability of your mortgage, move forward by choosing one of our models:

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- Wypo at your own pace -

With the possibility of contracting the specific services you need.

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- Wypo 360º assistance: from the first paper to the Notary's signature

INCLUDES all the services offered by the Free Ride, and many more.

ServicesFREE RIDECalm & Sun
Translation of the most relevant documents throughout the mortgage application process (English, French and German)
Obtaining translated Property Registration Certificat
Obtaining the Valuation Report (in Spanish or translated to English, French and German).
Assistance in obtaining the NIE and Certificate of Non-Residence.
Personal Banker. Specialized Mortgage Analyst dedicated to obtain your financing
Assistance in opening a bank account.
Legal assistance during the mortgage process.
Coordination with Notary
Welcome pack including mortgage guide for non-residents

*Consult prices during the contracting process.


We are here to help you

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