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Mortgage Simulator

With our simulator you can calculate in a moment your mortgage payments based on your personal needs or easily check if you can improve your current mortgage.

Secure the optimal mortgage solution aligned with your savings and preferred monthly expenditure. At Wypo, we facilitate a comprehensive view of your alternatives, facilitate solicitation of offers from financial institutions, and facilitate the closure of the mortgage package that aligns most effectively with your needs. Our service is rendered with complete impartiality and is entirely cost-free for you.

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Example of a new mortgage simulation

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The bank finances you

120.000 €

You need to have saved

49.329 €

As down payment

30.000 €

For expenses and taxes (approx.)

19.329 €

How Our Mortgage Simulator Operates

Utilizing our mortgage simulator and soliciting personalized offers from banks is a straightforward and expeditious process, ensuring efficiency and convenience for our users.

With Wypo we all win

Input Custom Details:Begin by providing a few personalized particulars, including the price of your prospective home, your available savings, and your desired monthly payment. For those seeking to transfer their mortgage to a bank with more favorable terms, specification of the current mortgage details and outstanding balance is necessary. Please note that this entire process requires no registration.


2. Simulation Outcome Upon submission of your details, the simulator promptly generates results, presenting key data such as the bank's financing amount and the requisite savings needed. In cases of a refinancing simulation, potential savings with the new mortgage and estimated monthly payments based on the information provided are disclosed.


Bank Rate Comparison:Access our comparator to review standard rates offered by various Banks in Spain, tailored to the information provided. Here, you have the flexibility to select multiple banks and customize their offers, aligning them with your economic and personal profile. Following this selection, we will request formal documentation necessary for the banks to assess your profile and present their offers to you within 72 hours.


When it comes to providing documentation, you have two options: You are presented with two options for document submission: manual provision or utilization of our user-friendly Financial Data technology. This technology, which is offered to our users free of charge, securely facilitates document retrieval from official sources within the country of origino f the user, with a simple click. Additionally, it enables seamless submission to banks, ensuring expedited processing.

Frequently asked questions about mortgage simulation

A mortgage simulator, or mortgage calculator, is a financial calculation tool that allows you to know the approximate mortgage payment based on your your financing needs and current employment and financial situation.

To use the mortgage simulator, we'll need several pieces of information such as your name, number of applicants and their ages, monthly income and expenses. If it's for a new mortgage we'll require details about the property you're purchasing (price, location, and whether it's newly built or second-hand). If it's for refinancing, we'll ask you to specify the type of your current mortgage, (Fixed, Mixed, or Variable), when it was signed, and the remaining balance.

Our simulator considers taxes and allows you to see details of this information. However, the nsurance, is information that cannot be known in the simulator, since it depends on each mortgage, bank and is calculated on a case by case basis. There are even mortgages that do not require the linking of insurance to the mortgage, and are granted only with the payroll.

By accessing the comparator, the user can have approximate information on the amount of the instalment of the mortgages with or without any type of linkage.

At Wypo we provide an option for those mortgages that are outside of the standard risk parameters set by banks and are not feasible or at least are not feasible through the usual channels or in the time frames user needs. If this is your case, and your bank has denied you a mortgage, you need urgent financing because you already have a deposit or you don't want to lose the property of your dreams, ask us about our Personal Banker services: much more than a financial broker, since our professionals are mortgage experts - with at least 10 years of experience in banking and mortgage industry - who will study your case in depth and look for viable alternatives for your mortgage financing. This service has a very affordable price starting at 499€, with an initial payment of 199€ upon contracting the service (upon presentation of a viable offer) and the rest of the payment due upon success of the mortgage. To request information about the service you can contact us at:
Yes, the simulator will provide you with information about the mortgage payment with options of fixed, mixed or variable mortgage, and will allow you to see the difference between them, including the difference in instalments, according to the interest rates offered for each option. You can have an approximate idea of your mortgage instalments, based on your preferences and monthly savings-spending possibilities. (Remember that in order to obtain personalized offers, it is necessary to advance the onlline process at providing the documentation required by the bank).
Yes, that's right. The simulator calculates the mortgage terms based on the current Euribor rate.

Initially, you receive valuable insights regarding essential aspects such as the requisite savings for the downpayment, initial mortgage-related costs and taxes, and the amount the bank is willing to finance. Additionally, approximate installment payments offered by the banks based on the provided data are made accessible. However, to obtain formal and entirely personalized offers, it is imperative to furnish the formal documentation mandated by the bank. This documentation typically encompasses identification cards, personal particulars, property details, as well as employment and financial. .

Upon utilizing our simulator, we meticulously outline the documentation required from you, offering complimentary guidance and instructions on accessing and downloading this documentation from official government portals in your country of residence, should you not already possess these documents. Subsequently, the obtained documentation is transmitted to the selected banks, initiating a comprehensive analysis of your mortgage. Within a timeframe of 72 working hours, personalized offers tailored to your specific circumstances are generated for your consideration.