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Types of mortgages

Choosing between a fixed, variable or mixed mortgage is a very important decision, especially with the current Euribor rises. With our simulator you will find the one that best suits you, but here are the main features of each type of mortgage.

Fixed mortgage Rate


Looking for absolute peace of mind?

You are assured of paying the same installment for life, without depending on market movements.

  • Always the same interest
  • You will always pay the same installment, so you will not be affected by Euribor variations.
  • No interest rate review
  • Drawback:You end up paying more interest
Mixed rate mortgage


Balance between safety and savings

Fewer years of exposure to market movements and a somewhat tighter interest rate on the fixed portion.

  • Fixed interest for the first years, and variable interest for the rest of the years.
  • You will pay a monthly fee during the fixed period and the rest, a fee that will vary with the Euribor.
  • Revision in the variable part on a semi-annual or annual basis
  • Disadvantage:High fee at start and loss of savings the rest of the years.
Variable rate mortgage


Things change

In the short term it is usually cheaper, but you assume possible quota increases, depending on the variation of the Euribor.

  • Interest = Euribor + spread
  • Your monthly payment will be recalculated with the periodic review of your mortgage and will vary with the Euribor.
  • Semiannual or annual review
  • Inconvenience: Uncertainty in the face of market variations.