Mortgages for Non-Residents
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Mortgages for Non-Residents

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It is becoming increasingly common for non-residents in Spain to decide to acquire their second home in our country.

If this is your case, the first thing you should know is that, generally, you will need to apply for a mortgage in Spain, as it is unlikely that a bank in your home country will grant one for a property outside its borders. In this case, Spanish banks offer specific products for these situations: mortgages for non-residents.

Likewise, the mortgage will be granted in euros and must be repaid in this currency. However, banks usually allow currency exchange to the one in which the client receives their income.

Maximum financing of 70%: the maximum amount that will be financed is 70% of the total purchase value or appraisal (whichever is lower). This is the general rule because, depending on the client, the percentage to be financed may be even lower. Spaniards, on the other hand, see that percentage increased to 80%.

Term of 20 years: unlike Spaniards, who can reach up to 30 years, non-residents have a maximum repayment term of 20 years.

Higher interest rates: this will depend on the applicant’s personal situation, but it usually exceeds 4%, a figure higher than that obtained by nationals. They can also benefit from discounts associated with the contracting of products or services such as home insurance or alarms.

Opening commission: non-residents must also pay for this concept, which is usually around 0.5% of the total loan amount.

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